Ribbon Doll

Once upon a time,

There lay a ribbon on his hands,

As the last echo whispered into his ear,

He slowly tilts his head and lifts himself,

A sprain of thoughts twinkled inside him,

At that moment, he felt a sense of belonging,

There, a doll stares at him as his eye turns magical,

As he fidgets with the ribbon that lies in his hands,

Something familiar yet distinctive,

As the bright light slowly shines on him,

He who felt like an outsider,

Gently placing the ribbon on the side,

Before long, the doll slowly weaken before tumbling,

Collapsing on the floor of the woods,

He turns around and slowly picks it up,

Blowing and wiping off the dust as he places it back,

Just as he trembles with reminiscence,

Slowly he picks up the ribbon on the side,

Staring down with amnesia,

Before he knew it, the ribbon was gone from his hand,

As he spotted the ribbon on the doll,

One trail of tears slowly rivers down,

Something that has been buried and forgotten,

Before long, he got back up,

As if amnesia has taken over,

Walking out of the door as the doll slowly slumped away.


InsomniaTeaS | 10/21/2022

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