In Your Right Eye

Living life in someone else eyes

Maybe a fractured piece of junk

Someday it was like this in your left eye

This is just being a human

Crawling up with a sprained ankle

As they whimpers

“I am okay” - you say

Being torn apart to live your life

Is just something to stay awake

A delightful dream to be an emperor

Is a corrupted time to speak at this moment

Those false displays with fake tears

As the mirror broke into pieces

There stood a fracture of you

With wrinkles in their hands

Trying to speak their last breathe

But there was no one in this parallel world

In this 3d world walking in a limper

Placing your hand in this broken mirror

Ten billion years started rushing to your spine

As envy attacks you painfully

Those souls started weeping

In the most peaceful way

As it disappeared into the void

The mimic fly by you

Whispering back your last chime


InsomniaTeaS | 08/30/2021

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