Strange For Me To Ask

Isn't it strange that the looks of the eye? As if it possessed but beautiful. By the time it ends, a Lunar to me. Why will I stay silent, I am not sure myself. it just carries me away as I lie in darkness. Even now I still think the same while crawling myself into a hole, a string was played but I am not sure why. I just had a thought that my carelessness drove me away, in my eyes it is the beauty I saw even till now, and a string was played again, never had a second chance for how I will be awakened, but I just stood there aimlessly cracking. Even now I am not too sure whom to ask of myself, it is just who I am that is a monster. The bravery inside diminished as time goes on, I know the selfishness but why not me. It played me by a hair but it was never cut, so I am not sure how to respond to you. A flock was still in my lap as I comb it down, as I tomb it down. It sows, to be honest, but I had no word to say as I had. Even though I long knew why, you are strange to me, while I still never stood a chance. A sticker of me slim as I humble it down, but with not the humbleness because I never knew how. Today i turned my head and saw a shadow nothing more, I doubt it since there wasn't anyone besides me from the start. A bitter flower blooms brightly as I stood silently. Sounds like an assassin who mistook me for someone else, as I take a sip of the loom. Just as everyone mistook me for an instrument to sleep on, with the look of her eyes. But it wasn't for a silent party as I tumble it down. Must have been the stuffed animal that I am too old to have, I wonder how life be as I was there. It just got busted as I mistook someone thought, but what else should I say, I was here but no one else was. It scares me to say how least of a fool I am for a tiny little pinkie promise I let through. As I sit there like always, a gust of wind passed through, and I see, the eyes again, we met somewhere before but I was already tied up to seek. Since from the very start, it was gone, the satisfaction, the happiness essence. No longer found. But one thing, to say the least, I will still go on and believe in you, you got this from the very bottom of my heart even if it is hiding, even if the fool of the act every day, but.

- InsomniaTeaS

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