A Garden Has Sprouted

Who was it? I would love to know Where I am a lose sprinkle. I am an amateur in your eyes But who is there to judge me. As a threat of slippery slope I looked beyond my cup. There lay the ladybug Who was there to judge for as I. Smoothing out the possibilities For just a can of slithering Hope The look of its eyes, red, silver blood I swoop a loop I had. A day of you is a day of lost Who could have judged me as I listen? The bells of melody shape itself For you to capture my heart. A selfish stem has sprout To spread a peck of wisdom. But I question myself as I haven't Who would have thought this? That background on the sky Has fallen deep to the floor As I question myself with this last quest To the sound of the rain far away. Now a Violet Evergarden was the last What an endless memory.

- InsomniaTeaS

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