A Dot That Ends

It was a suit of commas

Sometimes I wonder if I needed one

The fall of life

You were just a beautiful dot

But sometimes I wonder if it will ever end

This long beaten sentence

Ohh how beautiful was it

Just standing there

With a hat on your head

Looking beneath you

The comma has slightly ended

The silence comes crashing down

Stay here as the sun goes down

A dot with a meaningless end

Ohh how you wonder

For a comma to be gone

With the beating sentence

Sometimes the era whisper back

But it has already come to a stop

The nightmare called back

To the fall of life

It was a comma coming to a dot

Ending something that has never begun

But then again was a beautiful dot

Sometimes it can be deadly

The ending comes with a solution

Surprising it has never begun

It was just a dead-end


InsomniaTeaS | 07/25/2021

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