A Breathe Of Air

Updated: Oct 23

In a mist… a breeze of air floating under the cloud,

Deep in a thought… as the bubble pops into a swirl,

In a season of letters… did he not understand the tide,

Did they not remember… in a blink of an eye,

Little did they know… a quiet undergoing a submerged,

Up in the skies… of the little twinkle blues,

In my lap… the cat stretches indeed,

Under the rock… laying in a deep sleep,

With a bit of knowledge… as it sees me stand up,

Before I slowly… lick its paws,

Did it not understand… looking into my eyes,

As it slowly fades… into the mist,

The eyes flicker brightly… before becoming dull.


InsomniaTeaS | 09/29/2022

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