A Book That Has Yet Been Touched

I’m going to read you a book

A beautiful series that has yet to be published

A blank piece of wisdom that has been called trash

Something grateful yet not

It has never been so wide awake

No one has ever kept this safe

It is so heavy that a drop of rain is all it needs

It looks so perfect yet, a piece of the book has been torn apart

Every word has a touch of melody

So solemn that has yet been touched

To be or not to be

This book is still alive

Being corrupted isn’t a sin

That ring if yours is a sin

It has been lock away

Slowly sinking to the abyss

By the time the collision slowly comes to a close

As the book slowly fell apart

The wrinkles that crunched

It will soon be a refugee to this series

Something that has never been touch

Yet already crumbling away

So before that happens

I’m going to read you a book

That has slowly matured to a sin


InsomniaTeaS | 08/05/2021

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